SAS is registered as a company in Botswana and is registered with the ABCB as a company secretary in order to legally act as such in terms of the Botswana Companies Act.

A foreigner to Botswana may be a shareholder in a Botswana company and/or be a director thereof.


Registration of companies
Complete, registered company + share cert.
Expense - CIPA Fee - register company
Expense - Appoint Resident Director (once off)
Annual Company Secretary Fee

Immigration, work and residence permits
Work & Residence Permit - Employee
Work & Residence Permit - Investor
Opening of Bank Accounts -  We facilitate the whole application process and arrange for signature and KYC in South Africa! No need to travel to Botswana. 
Opening of bank acc & document handling

Vehicle (registered in Botswana) license renewals  
Fee to Renew Vehicle licence

Register Botswana company for income tax & VAT 
Registration for income tax/VAT

Register your South-African (or other jurisdiction) company as an “External Company” in Botswana  
Register External Company
Expense - Cipa Fee: Register External Company
Annual Company Secretary Fee

Accounts available in 
Botswana Pula
US Dollar
Pound Sterling
SA Rand

Click here and here for further information on bank accounts

The same services are rendered in: 

South Africa
through Daniël S. Goosen Attorney with his association with Leslie Forssmann Auditors; 

through Swiss Africa Namibia in association with attorneys and auditors there; 

through Daniël S. Goosen Attorney through his association with Origin Circle Law Chambers;
Info coming soon...

Mozambique and Angola
through our association with Astertax Consulting.